LF 26

Stepping into the summer with the latest mix from the spice master, Ed Lampkin. 

EdLampkin is a vinyl collector and curator based in Slap City California. If he is not eating spicy dumplings or, drinking cappuccinos ironically, he is most likely hoarding a rare slap. At times, he is summoned to bless the masses with his superior musical selection capabilities at his discretion. Only grateful and refined ears will get to scavenge on his musical droppings before he retreats back into his dark pit of depravity.

Here are a few words about this mix from Ed: "This mix is a continued exploration of my affinity with the music of Brazil. Since my youth I have been mesmerized by Brazilian music. A good portion of my life has been spent appreciating the multifaceted, rich, and diverse array of sonic delights Brazil had to offer. Samba, Bossa, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Boogie, AOR, and now Hip-Hop. The consensus among many if not all self-proclaimed music lovers is that Brazilian music slaps. Although universally recognized to be some of the best music in the world, it appears that many of the gems are still left under appreciated. In my search for dance floor slaps and hard boom bap I was pleased to run into many obscure and charming little love songs, a guilty pleasure of mine. These songs are contemplative, sweet, and sensual. They ooze that very special Brazilian ingredient that makes it Brazilian. That sad/happy melancholy that has no direct translation in our language. A feeling I know and love but can only describe and articulate though the audible vibrations of a faraway place. Saudade."


Available upon request