LF 27

Next up, Lil Zé from Oakland, CA delivering Nigerian summer grooves for this Late Feelings mix aka the Fufu Flour Mix!

“This mix is an ode to the golden boogie/disco years that influenced Nigerian and West African music to this day.
1979-1983 was a special time in Nigeria. The country was experiencing an influx of wealth and African pop culture. After coming out of a military regime, the youth were looking to ‘just have fun’ so they experimented with synths and traditional hi-life cross over with black American boogie/disco percussion. Any one could sing! It was short lived once the religious regime influenced the country again. And we are left of so many gems and wonders of songs like the pounding of the yam to make fufu flour.”


Npak Eto-Rick Asikpo
Squeeze Me-Jombo
Disco Dancing-Angela Starr
Making Love-UmojaInner
Vision-Chuks Ejelonu
Love Me For Real-Rim & Kasa
Yesu San Bra-Pat Thomas
Being A Man-Tom Youns
Lijadu Sisters Interview
Kenke Corner-Guts
Karamuja  Boogie-Joe Mensah
Where is the Answer-Burnis
Take it to the DJ-Dizzy K
I Love You-Emma OgosiI
Need Your Love-Ed Jatto
My Life-Emy Ballantyne